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Fabric Bags

on April 8, 2011

Seeing as though whenever my boyfriend and I go grocery shopping we either have to carry or bags for a 5 minute walk of take a bus I dont see why we keep forgetting to bring our silly fabric bags. When we first started shopping we did so well! But then I do not know what happened but we started forgetting all the time. And many places charge for plastic bags, which I am not complaining about it is a good thing it really does encourage people not to just over use the plastic bags. I just cannot seem to remember. And I dont know why because I have them sitting right beside where I leave my purse when I come in and I always see them on the way out I just never think to grab them! Why?! Hah it is so frustrating having to get plastic bags to because they so often break. and they are not comfortable to carry, they really cut into your hands. But I just dont know what else to do to remember the bags, other then shove them back into my purse every time. The only problem with that is that I dont use the same bag. And oh my gosh, I just need to make a post it on the door asking if I have remembered to bring my bags. Hah


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