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on April 5, 2011

Today I had to do a bit of shopping, kinda getting nervous that everything is so close because I am starting to go more often then I really need to…. but thats not what I meant for this blog, that will probably be another entry called broke or something. Hah anyways I noticed how quickly your mood changes when faced with someone else’s mood. For example on the bus if someone is grumpy around you, glaring at people rolling their eyes, that rubs off on you usually, I felt that way today, when someone was grumpy towards me it put me in an off mood. But then when people where nice it makes you feel much better. I try my best to always smile and thank the bus drivers and say have a nice day to all the cashiers I meet, but just a few people doing that is not going to help. Think about how many people they see a day how many people are rude just rushing through not really caring at all. Well it must suck. In the mall when they have people come at you asking you to try their products, think about how many people are rude to them. Thats why I am always polite and say sorry. Yeah sorry is probably not the best thing to say but alway be polite to them, think about how hard their days is, just getting snapped at by people all day just for doing their job. But really think about your day, how much impact someone has if they just smile at you, or are nice to you during the checkout, the random acts of kindness, they get passed on they make peoples days, and make people happy. Would you rather be in a world of grumpy people or happy, stupid question right? Then why not make an effort to be nice to everyone, yes there are always going  to be people that are grumpy but don’t let the grumpy one have an impact on you, be happy smile, at them maybe then they will become happier or your smile may take them out of there grumpy mood and think of how many peoples days you made just because you smiled at a grumpy person. I don’t know I just think that if we all just smile some more and just be nice to everyone then this world will be a lot better off. So let try it?


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