Mollie's Adventures

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Smile, Its contagious.

on March 3, 2011

So it is March third, and this morning I woke up to snow, again! Hah and it is spring break for my sisters in a week or two. And we have snow. What a crazy world it is. Oh well, I am fine with it. I love snow, it makes me smile!

Oh the other day I wanted to try to just be overly happy in the morning. Usually I can be fairly grumpy, but I thought maybe if I am super happy I can pass it on to my family. Who are also not really morning people. At first they all thought I was completely crazy. And kept asking what was wrong with me. But after a while I started to have an effect on my family. They were all starting to be happier. It was funny. So to everyone out there. Smile, be happy. It spreads. It make take a bit of time. But it goes a long way. And its pretty great when you do.


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